What is the DUYU-Skill Test

The DUYU-Skill Test – realized in collaboration with the Psichology Department of Padua University, is the first psychological evaluation tool in Italy that allows an accurate analysis on the soft-skills, optimized for children and boys from 10 years of age. Unlike the self-assessment test,filled out by the parent during the registration phase, the DUYU-Skill Test is completed entirely by the boy/girl and provides detailed and structured guidance on his profile and skills.

The power of the DUYU-Skill Test

The most important economic research and a deep analysis of psychological literature, are the basis of the building process of every single section of our platform. The respect of the most advanced psychometric techniques of statistical analysis and a large sample of standardization make scientifically reliable all the results that you will find in the final report. Every single section of the DUYU-Skill Test has been build up starting from a deep analysis of the main economic and psychological research on the subject.

What the DUYU-skill Test is not

DUYU-skill test doesn’t have any diagnostic purpose. This means that it doesn’t aim to supplement the results to any dysfunctional aspect of the person but wants to give an overview of his features that in no way represent symptoms of problematic nature.

Why complete the DUYU-skill Test

The DUYU-skill test's results, allow the boy or the girl who performs it, to deeply consider the greater personal inclinations and competences. In addition, an algorithm designed and supported by coaches and psychologists, is able to suggest different personalized training paths in order to choose and program the most suitable experiences for your profile.

How it works

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